Monolithic Tabletop Refractory


Pyrotek monolithic tabletop refractories are precast refractory components used to distribute molten metal to mould positions in vertical direct chill (VDC) billet casting tables. All components are prefired, ready for use and offered in shapes and sizes for custom equipment designs.

Pyrotek offers three different refractory versions. Pyrotek KS23-01 provides high strength, thermal shock resistance and low thermal expansion. It has a durable surface that resists wear and erosion from use and maintenance. Pyrotek FS73 AL is robust, dense and strong and endures harsh operating environments. Pyrotek Insural 140 has very low thermal conductivity and is used in casthouses worldwide.

Other fused-silica refractories are available upon request.

MonolithicInsural140TabletopRefractory EntryTroughCrossFeeder2