Control Pins

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Control pins are used in conjunction with a downspout and metal level control system to the regulate flow of molten metal from the distribution launder into moulds for rolling ingot and T-ingot casting processes. Metal flow parallels the pin's vertical position; the pin moves from the lowest, seated position where flow is blocked by contact with the spout to a fully open position where flow is at its maximum, now governed by the spout geometry and opening size.  

Pyrotek Offerings

The control pin must be engineered properly to fit with the downspout. Pyrotek offers several material choices and custom designs based on each specific application. These include targeted resistance to thermal shock, corrosive attack, abrasion, and heat losses during start-up, all of which can contribute to increased product life and prevention of costly downtime. Specifically, the high-strength refractory pins made of Pyrotek's patented reinforced fibreglass material (RFM®) come in a hollow design, providing a significantly lower thermal drain on the melt at cast start. Reinforcing steel or fibreglass can be incorporated into certain products to help prevent complete breakage of the refractory or tip separation.

  • Geometry and material choices customized to fit application
  • Hollow design available to reduce thermal drain, metal buildup in spout, and possible aborted cast downtime
  • Energy savings and safety improvement for materials requiring lower preheat temperatures
  • Steel and fibreglass reinforcements prevent catastrophic failures
  • A well designed flow control system can reduce turbulence to help reduce oxides and improve ingot recovery