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Container Glass

For centuries, glass bottles and jars were made by hand. The advent of individual section machines, which consistently make containers through either the blow-and-blow or press-and-blow process, have made the manufacture of containers fully automatic.

According to the Glass Packaging Institute, consumers prefer glass packaging for preserving a product’s taste or flavor. Glass is the only widely-used packaging material generally recognized as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Pyrotek helps manufacturers improve their performance in the production of glass containers. From the furnace to the lehr, Pyrotek offers capital equipment, expendable refractories, consumables and local support.

Pyrotek helps glass container producers:

  • Improve consistency
  • Reduce defects
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Design custom solutions

View Pyrotek's container glass brochure for more information.

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