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According to the International Lead Association, 1 billion vehicles worldwide use lead-based batteries. "Lead has the highest recycling and reuse rates compared to other major metals and lead-based batteries, the main application for lead, has a recycling rate above 95%," the association says.

The International Lead & Zinc Study Group says global production and demand for refined lead metal will continue rise.

Ever-increasing environmental regulations and fluctuating prices of virgin lead around the world have created a need for new technologies to recover metal and manage process waste. To meet this challenge, Pyrotek has developed its proprietary lead-recovery system technology that is designed to process dross and recover viable lead that can be reused in an operation. The system is designed and built for dross volume producers, such as battery manufacturers, anode and strip producers and secondary metal refiners.

At the heart of the system is a thermo-mechanical device able to separate free lead from material mixtures and top drosses. It is a highly efficient in-house industrial system that recovers nonferrous metal from industrial process wastes and furnace drosses. The recovered Lead is both technically and commercially acceptable for reuse in the process, and any Lead-Oxide residues can be sold.

Pyrotek's in-house lead recovery system enables battery producers to:

  • Reduce the volume of virgin lead bought at market prices
  • Lessen their environmental footprint
  • Lower the volume of residual skimmings being disposed
  • Increase value of lead-oxide skimmings that can be sold
  • Improve operator safety

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