Graphite Materials and Services



Graphite is widely used in a number of industries due to its desirable physical and chemical properties, which include resistance to thermal shock, low coefficient of thermal expansion and stability at high temperatures. It can be machined to tight tolerances, combats friction and is effective as a dry lubricant.

Gas, Petroleum and Chemical Processing Industries

Pyrotek manufactures specialty graphite materials for use in a variety of industrial applications. Typical stock products include high quality graphite tubes, rods and rings for use in the chemical industry. In-house mixing, extrusion, baking, impregnation, machining and graphitization capabilities can be tailored to meet specific requirements for custom products.

Graphitization, Purification, and Carburization Services

Pyrotek tolling services are also available for high precision, high temperature thermal purification, carbonization, carbidization, and graphitization of customer materials. Pyrotek’s proprietary furnace technology enables repeatable +99.995% purity, scales easily from research and development projects (< 1 kg) to continuous production (> 4000 MT / year), and uses clean, renewable and low-cost hydropower.

Aluminium Industry Applications

Pyrotek graphite parts for billet casting and degassing systems offer a durable and reliable material that helps maintain metal quality. Products include graphite rings, shafts and rotors, loading funnels, and more.  Navigate to graphite solutions for aluminium here.

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