Sustainable Aluminium

  • Strong, lightweight and infinitely recyclable.
  • A key element of automotive fuel efficiency, green building products and sustainable packaging.
  • Poised for growth in the USA and global markets.
  • One of the most recycled materials on the market. More than one-third of all aluminium produced globally originates from old and new scrap.
  • Recycling requires as little as 5% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminium, the International Aluminium Institute says. It also produces about 5% of the greenhouse gases.

Proven expertise

The global aluminium industry has never faced greater opportunities or greater challenges than today. Aluminium demand will continue to rise as nations demand improved energy efficiency and structural performance. At the same time, overcapacity of primary aluminium drives down metal prices and forces producers to lower costs.

Pyrotek can help aluminium producers meet these challenges and maximize profitability with our comprehensive range of capital equipment, consumable products, and technical and engineering services. Over 300 Pyrotek engineers in more than 35 countries work directly with aluminium producers to:

  • Increase metal quality and energy efficiency
  • Lower cost per tonne
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Consolidate supply chains 
  • Improve value delivery to their customers

For over 60 years, Pyrotek has been helping the aluminium industry improve performance. We welcome the opportunity to do the same with you.