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CASE STUDY: Cable Casting Operation Turns to Pyrotek Experts For Advanced Molten Copper Transfer Solution

No matter where metal casters are around the world, they face the same types of challenges every day. Those challenges include needing to reduce the labor-intensive work and cost of maintenance, finding ways to improve the metal quality of their products, and optimizing production by minimizing scrap.

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Furnace Filling

French Foundry Turns to Pyrotek for Critical Furnace Project Amid Health Crisis

When a major foundry in France, a supplier of cast parts to the country’s automotive manufacturers, needed two dosing furnaces relined, a new control system for the furnaces, and an advanced electrical cabinet, and they needed it all during a pandemic when worker health and safety was on everyone’s mind—they turned to Pyrotek. Pyrotek had long been their trusted partner, supplying equipment technology and reliable, high-performing parts, as well as on-site technical expertise.

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Pyrotek Transfer Line is Ideal Customized Solution for Foundry in Spain – And Right on Time in Urgent Situation During Holiday Production Shutdown

Pyrotek delivered and installed a 19.5-meter (64-foot) transfer line (launder) with infrared heating lids at CIE C. Vilanova, a high-pressure die casting plant in Barcelona, Spain. A previously installed transfer line provided by another vendor was leading to freezing aluminium, metal overflows, and unsafe conditions.

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