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World-class operations like PUNCH Powerglide utilize our engineering expertise and product innovations to meet their customers' exacting standards.

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2019 Tabletop Refractory White Paper Pyrotek

Tabletop Refractory Design

Pyrotek's thermally insulated tabletop refractory system decreases maintenance downtime, thermal gradients, and fracturing.

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TFcombobag Pyrotek

TF Combo Bags

Pyrotek's thermally formed (TF) combo bags are rigid at standard casting temperatures for up to 90 minutes.

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LOTUSS Pyrotek


LOTUSS system installation delivered immediate results in this company's recycling problem-areas.

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See yourself @Pyrotek

See Yourself
@ Pyrotek

An important part of Pyrotek's work culture is seeing each employee as more than what they were hired to do and what can be captured in a job description.