Electromagnetic Priming of Aluminium Filtration Systems: Pyrotek EM-DF

  • Full priming of single and multiple CFFs.

  • Controlled priming via electromotive/Lorentz forces, dynamic metal velocity, and static metal head.

  • Standard filter box design with slightly deeper box and induction coils.

  • EM field applied only during the priming and draining stage.

  • Filtration operation on fully primed CFFs promotes: consistent filtration efficiency, stable operation, and reliable performance.

YouTube video showing the EM-DF System


EM DF.updatedversion

Electromagnetic Deep Filtration (EM-DF) System

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Come and visit us at the TMS 2023 Annual Meeting & Exhibition March 19–23, 2023 | San Diego Convention Center & Hilton San Diego Bayfront.


Robert Fritzsch will be presenting the technical aspects of our new EM-DF on 20/03/2023 at 14:05-14:30 in the Convention Center - C31.


Abstract from Electromagnetic Priming of Filtration Systems (Pyrotek EM-DF) paper:

"The reliable and complete priming of ceramic foam and other filter types is a known challenge to casthouses. Process mistakes can lead to significant loss of filtration performance and generate major losses for a casthouse/foundry by reducing the final melt quality. Various technologies have been implemented to support the priming stage for optimized filtration. Using the patented technology to electromagnetic (EM) prime CFFs has shown significant potential over the last decade. The technology has now been developed into a full-scale industrial filtration unit utilizing multiple CFFs of any grade/ppi, delivering performance for highest purity by increased depth filtration and full volume utilization. The EM fields also showed substantial priming effect when retrofitted to existing CFF systems. These EM priming systems allow enhanced priming and regular, undisturbed gravity filtration during the casting process. This paper presents industrial trials of the pilot units, related to metal cleanliness, ease of operation and throughput."


For all commercial enquires: Managing Director MCR Group, Jason Midgley – jasmid@pyrotek.com, Pyrotek Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire office number - +44 1283741147

Product and technical support: EM Filtration Product Specialist and Project & Development Engineer, Joseph Whitworth – joswhi@pyrotek.com


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