Pyrotek Installs Another Integrated Melting System (IMS) at Customer Site

Another Pyrotek customer has recently added a new Pyrotek Integrated Melting System (IMS), a milestone in the customer’s journey toward greater efficiency and sustainability in aluminium recycling.

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What is the Pyrotek Integrate Melting System (IMS)?


The IMS consists of equipment specifically engineered to process machining chips, converting the chips efficiently back to usable metal. The IMS system provides significant increases in recovery rates, depending on surface-to-weight ratio and if the chip material is produced clean and dry. Customers report recovery rates as high as 98 percent. These systems are custom designed to the customer's specific needs. Ancillary equipment available from Pyrotek for use with the IMS includes:

  • Shredders
  • Centrifuges
  • Magnetic Separators
  • Conveyors or Pneumatic Chips transport
  • Hoppers
  • *Compact Jet Bed Dryers
  • LOTUSS Vortex
  • Electromagnetic circulation pumps
  • Other equipment can be supplied as needed

YouTube - Watch Assembly of the Pyrotek Compact Jet Bed Dryer for Drying Scrap Aluminium - Video shared with permission of Presezzi Extrusion Group.

A unique and key integrated feature of the IMS is the Jet Bed Dryer.


The Compact Jet Bed Dryer, as recently acquired by Presezzi Extrusion Group, is specifically engineered for drying scrap aluminium for the removal of water, oil, coolants, and other liquids. This optimizes a customer's metal recovery when re-melting and recycling aluminium chips.

The fluid bed of the Jet Bed Dryer is strategically positioned atop the thermal oxidizer, creating a highly efficient and compact system. This integration is an example of Pyrotek's dedication to providing innovative technology in the aluminium industry around the world.

"At Pyrotek, we take immense pride in contributing to our customers' successes by delivering exceptional projects that drive progress and innovation in their industries," says Ethan Wright, a Pyrotek Technical Support Engineer. "This is just one of the many exciting projects we have undertaken and we cannot wait to witness the positive impact it will have on our customer's operations."

Contact Ethan Wright at for more information about this Pyrotek technology.

Advantages of the Compact Jet Bed Dryer

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: by leveraging the IMS technology in conjunction with the Pyrotek LOTUSS technology, our customer can optimize energy consumption and reduce operational costs significantly.

Space Optimization: the compact design of the system allows Pyrotek customers to make the most of their facility space and streamline the layout of their production.

Increased Productivity: with precise control over the drying process, the IMS technology in conjunction with the Pyrotek LOTUSS technology, ensures higher yields and better-quality recycled aluminium, elevating productivity levels.

Eco-Friendly Approach: the advanced thermal oxidation capabilities of these systems align with Pyrotek's customers' commitment to environmental sustainability.

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