Wire Rod Casting Spouts

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Wire rod casting spouts are used to deliver molten aluminium to a copper casting wheel for final shaping into a continuous cast rod.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek's casting spouts provide several unique advantages over traditional steel-lined spouts. The refractory spout is designed to be used without ceramic paper lining, thereby eliminating a large source of costly unplanned downtime and the resultign incomplete coil scrap. Additionally, this removes the possibility of downstream quality issues from paper inclusions.

The high-strength reinforced fibreglass material (RFM®) allows for a thin 3–5 millimeter cross-section at the spout exit without compromising the fit. This minimizes the metal drop distance in order to create a smooth, reliable transition from spout to wheel. Pyrotek's RFM is significantly more insulating than steel, and draws less heat from the molten metal at start-up, even with minimal preheat. This both reduces the likelihood of frozen cast starts and can have a positive impact on energy spending from excessive preheat.

An optional closed-top design can be used to skim oxides and create a smoother top surface. The closed-top also allows for auto start and faster casting speeds while reducing heat exposure to the steel belt, which may prolong belt life.

Spouts can be made compatible with most wire rod casting setups, including Properzi casters.

  • Increased caster up-time compared to lined steel spouts
  • Low oxide, high quality cast, free of paper inclusions
  • Consistent performance with lower start-up costs
  • Closed-top available for faster casts and further oxide control