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Skimmers are used to skim impurities from the top of molten aluminium melts.

Pyrotek Offerings

Hand skimmers are available in different styles, sizes, shapes, and materials including stainless steel, mild steel and Pyrotek's exclusive reinforced fibreglass material (RFM®).

RFM hand skimmers provide an easy way to gather and remove dross from the surface of molten metals in furnace dip wells, troughs and tundishes. Standard sizes are available with or without drain holes, as well as custom shapes designed to conform to the profile of a specific refractory.

  • Offered in a variety of materials for different applications
  • Available RFM composite material is lightweight and nonwetting
  • Wide range of standard designs and custom shapes
  • RFM Hand Skimmers
  • Ceramic Fiber Hand Skimmers
  • Stainless Steel Hand Skimmers
  • Mild Steel Hand Skimmers
  • Cast Iron Hand Skimmers