Skim Blades



Skim blades are large tools used for dross management of furnaces in aluminium casthouses. The skim blades are used to remove, or “skim”, the dross layer that is on the surface of the furnace melt, helping achieve better metal quality. Additionally, skim blades can be used to help stir the molten metal in the furnace, allowing for more even heat distribution and melting. Stirring with skim blades may also assist in improving the performance of cleaning fluxes by dispersing the fluxes more evenly throughout the melt. 

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek skim blades are offered in a variety of materials designs, including ductile cast iron, steel, reinforced fibreglass material (RFM) and other refractories. Each skim blade and boom are custom engineered to provide optimal life and performance, as well as easy attachment to current connection and operating systems. Pyrotek skim blades and booms are offered in two-piece assemblies or upon request can be 3D cast as single-piece, full assemblies.

  • Two-piece design allows for blade replacement without replacing the boom, reducing replacement time
  • Multiple material options
  • Custom engineered to provide optimal life and performance
  • Designed to attach to current connection systems
  • Delivered in ready-to-install condition