Deep Bed Filters

DeepBedFilter Single


A deep-bed filtration system is used to clean metal prior to casting and can achieve filtration efficiency of greater than 90 percent. These systems are frequently used in slab rolling ingot and continuous sheet casting processes. It typically is placed in between the holding furnace and the casting operation and consists of an outer steel shell with a refractory lining containing grid plates and layers of alumina balls. Alumina balls are the primary filter media for deep bed filtration systems and the size, shape, packing pattern and depth of the media can be varied to achieve desired filtration performance. Due to its high filtration efficiency, the deep-bed filter is commonly used in operations that require especially critical product quality such as can end stock and lithographic sheet.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek offers complete engineering services, equipment refurbishment and refractory packages to provide end-to-end deep-bed filtration solutions. 

Full Engineering Services

  • Fluid simulations
  • Load modelling
  • Thermal modelling
  • Project management
  • Assembly component modelling
  • Casthouse layouts

Full Equipment Refurbishment

  • Full equipment fabrication
  • Complete weldments
  • Powder coating
  • Lifting mounts
  • Hydraulics (if applicable)
  • Professional shipping and packaging

Complete Refractory Packages

  • Proven backup technology
  • Multiple refractory layers
  • Single-piece liners
  • Unmatched castable quality
  • Pre-coated (if desired)
  • Pre-fired (ready for use)

Ancillary DBF Equipment Provided

  • DPF Combustion Preheat System 
  • DBF Dump Station
  • DBF Rebuild Station
  • DBF Drain Pit Design
  • DBF Process Lid system
  • DBF HMI/PLC controls for all integrated equipment required
  • Excellent filtering efficiency
  • Long lifetime extends through multiple casts
  • Complete equipment refurbishment and servicing
  • Complete engineering services
  • Internally Heated Deep Bed Filter Systems
  • Externally Heated Deep Bed Filter Systems
  • Packed Deep Bed Filter Systems
  • Pechiney Style Deep Bed Filter Systems