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A filter box system is used to treat molten aluminium, improve metal quality and remove inclusions prior to metal casting.

Pyrotek Offerings

A filter box system consists of an outer steel shell assembly, a precast refractory filter bowl with inlet and outlet sections and Pyrotek SIVEX® ceramic foam filter media. The SIVEX filter box system is modular in design and capable of meeting the most demanding filtration requirements. Options include a programmable logic control (PLC), which operates the preheat system, lid and dams. The preheat system ensures that the ceramic foam filters are effectively and efficiently preheated across the entire surface and depth of the filter. The system also has adjustable legs to ensure that the height can accurately match existing launders.

The SIVEX ceramic foam filters are the other major component of the system. Extensive research and development has resulted in the precise control of the ceramic foam filter pore size. This has enabled Pyrotek to set new global standards for this type of technology. 

Pyrotek provides turnkey filter box systems that include full refurbishment and repair.

  • Improved melt quality and efficiency
  • Complete turnkey filter box system
  • Available as a single or double filter design
  • Variable operating height and level adjustment for easier connection to existing launder system
  • Optional PLC controllers for precise operator use
  • Single SIVEX Filter Boxes
  • Double SIVEX Filter Boxes