Jet Bed Dryers

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Dryers are an essential piece of equipment required to process machining chips and convert them into usable metal. As part of the drying and exhaust treatment process, they reduce moisture on machining chips and clean them for more efficient scrap processing. 

Pyrotek Offerings

The dryer steam cleans chips using high-velocity process air and is capable of accepting waste heat from a furnace or another dedicated combustion system. The system is self-cleaning and requires limited maintenance.

The dryer has an operating temperature of 315°C (600°F). Chips passing through the dryer are vibrated and mixed on a perforated plate, and dried by the process air. The drying process takes approximately three minutes. Any exhaust gases generated by the system are processed by a cyclone to remove fines and then routed to an afterburner for removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC) .

Pyrotek jet bed dryer sizes are based on processing requirements and the moisture content of the chips. For example, a dryer processing 1.5 tonnes per hour (3300 pounds per hour) would have a footprint of approximately 2.8 by 8.5 meters (9.19 by 28 feet). Chips with a 2 percent moisture content would require 500 BTU per pound for drying.

  • Process chips and machine turnings at up to 1000 kg/hour
  • Improve furnace efficiency and reduce dross
  • Achieve super dry chips to reduce flames and off gassing
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Receive full project management for your scrap handling
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