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Pyrotek's range of offerings to support aluminium extrusion processes help improve product quality, increase process efficiency, and lower production costs. Pyrotek's innovative technology, parts, and materials and the company's long history of engineering expertise keep extrusion mills around the world running their best everyday.


Pyrotek for Extrusion Mills

  • Temperature measurement, including thermocouple elements and assemblies, and hand-held pyrometers and probes
  • Insulating and sealing materials, including homogenizing oven door seals, die oven lid seals, fiberseal felts and blankets, ceramic paper, roll board and paper, and log and billet heater parts
  • Castable and pre-formed refractories
  • Rollers for run-out tables
  • Teflon parts for spacer bar/slide rail covers
  • Coatings and lubricants, such as boron nitride for billet to billet/die/container/dummy block and tool snap problems, saw cut lubricants, oven-chain graphite lubricants, and graphite lubricating sticks
Problem or pain Solution

Product(s) Refractory Protective Coatings

Tool Snap Coat between the dies Releasecoat
Billet to Billet Sticking Coat billet ends Releasecoat, BN Aerosol or BN Aerosol Brushable (flammable, fast dry) or BN Powder (expensive)
Billet to Die Sticking Coat die face Hardcoat or Hardcoat CM or Releasecoat
Metal Sticking to Container Coat container face Hardcoat or Hardcoat CM
Billet to Container Sticking Coat billet length Releasecoat
Billet to Dummy Block Coat dummy block Hardcoat

Metallurgical Services for Extruders

Pyrotek has a metallurgical services group in the U.K. that regularly analyzes aluminium microstructures (grain size) and performs homogenization assessments of billets, along with mechanical testing, contaminants, etc. These services can be offered to help Pyrotek customers when they meet challenges producing high-quality extruded products.

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