Molten Aluminium Safety Coatings

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Safety coatings in the aluminium plant can help prevent damage and explosions. Wise Chem has been utilized in the industry for over 25 years and is the most widely used and accepted product for helping to prevent molten metal/steam explosions. Wise Chem E-115 and E-212-F are high performance, multipurpose, 2-component, amine epoxy coatings used in casting pits and other areas that may be subjected to contact with molten metal. Two separate series of tests at Alcoa research laboratories (one in the late seventies, and one from 1999 to 2002) showed Wise Chem is effective in preventing explosions and it is accepted by the American Aluminum Association for this purpose.

Note: under the right circumstances, which occur rarely, no product will completely prevent an explosion. Therefore, it cannot be said or implied that the use of Wise Chem or any molten aluminium safety coating will absolutely prevent an explosion.

Pyrotek Offerings

Wise Chem E-115 and E-212-F cure quickly and adheres well to itself as well as properly prepared steel, concrete, and other substrates. Wise Chem coatings have excellent adhesion to damp surfaces allowing casting pits to be coated without waiting for the walls to fully dry, minimizing down time. Once it has cured, Wise Chem creates an effective safety barrier between a wet substrate and molten aluminium to reduce the risk of a molten aluminium explosion.

  • Proven to reduce the risk of a molten metal/steam explosion in casting pits
  • Creates an effective safety barrier between a wet substrate and molten aluminium
  • Effectively inhibits rust on steel parts and provides exceptional chemical resistance
  • Recognized as the only light-coloured safety coating tested and approved by the Aluminum Association
  • Backed and supported globally by Pyrotek professionals, who help to ensure smooth application and maximum service life