Electrical Control Panels

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Electrical control panels serve as an interface between the operator and the equipment they're operating. Control panels provide simple, safe and easy operation of equipment and, in some cases, provide feedback on current operating conditions and information on the task that the equipment is performing. Depending on the complexity of the equipment the control panel may be equipped with push button or a human machine interface (HMI). Additional features including data acquisition and remote access are also available.  

Pyrotek Offerings

Control panels are used to operate a variety of Pyrotek supplied equipment including the Pyrotek electromagnetic pump (EMP) system, as well as the Pyrotek integrated melting system (IMS).  

  • Allows operators to quickly adapt process parameters
  • Limits operators' direct contact with equipment
  • Equipment retrofits available
  • Custom controls and fabrication
  • Main Control Panels
  • Operator Control Panels