Vertical Gate Filter Systems

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A vertical gate filter (VGF) system serves as a filter between hearths and dip-out wells in melting or holding furnaces. The VGF blocks melting and remelt oxides, debris, and sludge that are introduced to the casting furnace in the upstream pour-in well. The VGF is added between the holding chamber and degassing chamber which helps to improve metal cleanliness and control the flow of degassed metal. This installation is popular in both remelt furnaces and in casting furnaces. 

Pyrotek Offerings

The vertical gate filter (VGF) system consists of a steel outer shell, a refractory-lined box, an insulating cover and one or two filter slots. The systems filters can be changed during the process by installing a new filter in the open, downstream slot, then removing the spent filter from the upstream slot. The cover can be heated, if necessary, to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the campaign. The heating system provides a preheat option as well and can hold or increase temperature as required.

There are two different designs of vertical gate filter systems: the more commonly used is the dual vertical gate filter (DVGF) system. Pyrotek also offers a single vertical gate filter (SVGF) system. Both products are available in many sizes to meet specific furnace and ladle dimensional requirements. 

  • Reduces casting scrap
  • Reduces customer rejects
  • Increases metal casting fluidity
  • Improves casting mechanical properties
  • Easier and faster filter change-out