Pyrotek Rigid Glasweve® Filters Help Foundries Accelerate Toward Sustainability Goals

PyrotekGreenStamp1Pyrotek Rigid Glasweve® (RGW) filters are the chosen filtration and flow-control solution of modern, environmentally conscious foundries seeking to minimize their impact on the environment.

One of the top reasons to make the switch to these filters: a change to RGW from CFF stops nearly 10,000 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere for every 100,000 filters used – this is an estimated 60% reduction in overall CO2 emissions.

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This volume of reduction in greenhouse gases emitted results from efficiencies in shipping and product use, but the largest benefit is related to raw materials. RGW (pictured) is inherently less energy intensive because while much of the raw material for foundry applications is energy intensive, this filter requires 79% less material by mass than typical foundry filters. In addition, RGW utilizes 60%-plus sustainable materials compared with less than 10% for CFF.


RGW creates advantages in packaging and shipping, too. Because RGW filters take up very little space when stacked and packaged in a sleeve, a given pallet or box of RGW filters will hold eight times the number of filters. Efficiencies in shipping, packaging, and storage really matter to foundries because they can reduce costs and simplify their supply chains and internal plant logistics.


Something else to consider: waste dumped into landfills. Foundry operators find that filter waste is reduced by 85%-plus due to the smaller mass of each filter used in their process. This helps with reducing waste transport, cost of disposal, and the volume of material in landfills.


RGW Global Impact

RGW makes up a small fraction of the weight of a comparable ceramic foam filter (CFF) and is made up of 60% renewable and sustainable materials. Each CFF filter uses 14 times more non-sustainable materials by weight. If all foundries globally switched to RGW, it would eliminate 1,500,000 kg of unsustainable and nonrenewable materials from waste streams and 2,400,000 kg of CO2 would not enter the atmosphere every year.

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Pyrotek Rigid Glasweve (RGW) Filters

Ceramic foam filters remain an excellent filtration and flow device. In recent years, Pyrotek CFF production teams have made strides to improve CFF's environmental impact. Part of that includes purchasing renewable energy and improving energy efficiency by 21%.




Conclusion: Pyrotek developed the RGW filter technology to give its foundry partners in the aluminum industry critical efficiencies to be more competitive for years to come. Technology for greater sustainability and process efficiency is where Pyrotek continues to dedicate its research and development resources around the world.


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