Ceramite Dual-Cast Crucibles Offer Maximum Life

At 2.5 tonnes of capacity for molten metal, a Pyrotek Ceramite® Dual-Cast Crucible transfer ladle is the largest in use today at any foundry in Western Europe. It’s currently performing successfully for a premium automotive foundry in Germany.



A Pyrotek Ceramite® Dual-Cast Crucible transfer ladle currently performing successfully for a premium automotive foundry in Germany.

The "Dual-Cast" means the one-piece crucible is comprised of two different materials. The bottom of the crucible is one material for maximum erosion resistance. A second material is used for the walls because of its advanced insulating materials.

"The Ceramite dual-cast refractory solution offers maximum service life—up to two times longer than transfer ladles made with other special refractories, all while keeping metal temperature loss at the minimum," says Saúl Gracia Villacampa, Pyrotek's Foundry Team Leader in Western Europe.

Pyrotek designs and manufactures any shape and capacity to use in existing steel shells. Pyrotek also offers complete relining services from its Archersleben facility in Germany. Old refractory material is removed, repairs are made to the steel shell, and a new lining is installed with advanced insulating materials.

Learn more by visiting Pyrotek at EUROGUSS 2022, the International Trade Fair for Die Casting Technology, Processes, and Products, scheduled for 8-10 June, 2022, in Nürnberg, Germany. Pyrotek will have one of the Dual-Cast Crucibles on display in its booth.

Ceramite Dual-Cast Crucibles for Aluminium Applications


  • Crucible sides are precast with fused silica-based Ceramite SFR-B refractory. This formulation has good mechanical strength and wear resistance, low thermal conductivity, and low thermal expansion.
  • Crucible bottom is precast with silicon carbide-based Ceramite CSR-B refractory. Properties include excellent abrasion resistance and high strength.


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