Automotive Assembly Plant in Mexico Selects Pyrotek’s Rigid Glasweve® Filters as Standard Filter for Casting Cylinder Heads

The aluminium foundry at a major automotive operation in Mexico is now using Rigid Glasweve® (RGW) filters as part of its cylinder head casting process, finding after a large-scale trial that RGW reduced scrap compared with the use of ceramic foam filters (CFF).


Rigid Glasweve Filters

Rigid Glasweve Filters for sand casting, permanent mould casting and semi-permanent mould casting.

Scrap reduction was the key reason the company switched from CFF to RGW filters. The cylinder head casting scrap reduction was a result of improving their metal pouring, which was only possible with RGW filters. Pyrotek’s Metallurgical Services Group at Milton Keynes, U.K., analyzed specific defects in the castings that the foundry was targeting to improve. 

This Pyrotek customer also appreciated the part-cost savings and the improved melting they achieved with RGW. They are now estimated to save USD$70,000 per year after switching to RGW. As more positive data comes in, it is anticipated these savings would go even higher. 


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