Rigid Glasweve Replaces CFF as a Production Filter at Major Automotive Caster in Spain

Rigid Glasweve® (RGW) filters have been chosen as the preferred filter for the sand casting process at a major automotive parts caster in Spain, Saint Jean Industries – Valladolid (SJI).



The Saint Jean Industries – Valladolid (SJI) factory.

In addition to low-pressure casting applications, RGW filter technology is also used in sand-casting, permanent mould casting, and semi-permanent casting applications to capture impurities in molten metal and regulate metal flow rates, directly replacing traditional ceramic foam filters (CFF).

ExtSJIArtIm2 Filter in Pocket

An RGW filter in the mould prior to casting. The RGW filter was placed using SJI's automatic placement designed for CFF filters.

RGW generates the same quality castings as CFF, but at a lower cost per filter. It also delivers a number of meaningful process benefits.


SJI, which had been using CFF, made the switch primarily because of part-cost savings. Another factor was improved metal flow, which reduces the cost of operations for them by extending pump life. All of this was provided while maintaining the quality of SJI’s castings.


For Pyrotek, obtaining this business with SJI means adding another reference to a growing list of users of RGW for SPM. SJI is an automotive caster making more than a million castings per year. For any questions about Rigid Glasweve for Sand casting, Permanent Mould casting and Semi permanent mould castings, contact your local Pyrotek Sales Engineer.



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