Pyrotek RFM Drain-Out Pump Reduces Pump Times and Maximizes Efficiency

GM Saginaw2Pyrotek reinforced fiberglass material (RFM®) drain-out pumps are helping world-class foundries around the world more effectively empty holding and melting furnaces.

“The RFM drain-out pump works well in any application that requires fast, repeated submergence,” says David Schlicht, Pyrotek’s Mechanical Pump Business Unit Manager. “It’s able to operate in temperatures as low as 1200° Fahrenheit (649° Celsius) with no bowl degradation after repeated dunks.”

The RFM drain-out pump has a lightweight and compact design that helps operators transport it from one container to another. The RFM bowls have minimal preheating requirements, allowing for quick placement into the metal. For operator safety, they eliminate the need to tilt or manually empty containers using tapping ports or other means.

“This pump is designed with the safety of its operators in mind,” says Schlicht.

The pump is available in various lengths and motor configurations. For more information, contact David Schlicht,, or submit a contact request at

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