Pyrotek Remains Global Leader In Fused Flux


Michael Mastor, Global Product Manager

As one of the original and forefront producers of fused fluxes for aluminium metal treatment, Pyrotek is a leading foundry partner for fused treatment salts.

“We’re the founder of the term ‘refining agent,’ and we lead the industry in innovation and production of aluminium treatment fluxes,” says Michael Mastor, Global Product Manager.

The low melting temperature, carefully controlled chemistry, and uniform grain distribution make Pyrotek’s Fusal a product with impressive and repeatable performance. Pyrotek Fusal is produced using the most advanced manufacturing techniques in the industry, and the raw materials used are carefully scrutinized for impurities down to parts-per-million levels.

“Hundreds of global customers can attest to the quality and consistency of Pyrotek fused treatment salts, which are used in all corners of the planet,” Mastor says.

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Pyrotek's Rahul Pawar, Maintenance Engineer; Michael Mastor, Global Product Manager; Vijay Hargude, Production Manager; and Dinkar Bankar, Quality Manager, at Pyrotek's flux production facility in Pune, India.

While Fusal is primarily used in foundries, Promag fused flux is well known and used in casthouses globally.

Particularly efficient for inclusion removal, Pyrotek fused treatment salts were originally engineered for alkali removal. Their non-toxic chemistry can lead to the reduction, or even discontinuation, of chlorine gas injection in foundry metal-treatment processes. Fusal’s chemistry enables it to consistently lower concentrations of unwanted alkali metals including sodium, lithium, and calcium, while leaving desired alloy chemistries and additives unaffected.

In studies, injection of Pyrotek fused salts can dramatically reduce inclusion counts in molten metal systems by as much as 90 percent. As the injected salt floats as liquid droplets, it cleans non-metallic inclusions and reacts chemically to remove and float alkali impurities.

“Inclusions and unwanted salt chemistries are simply skimmed from the denser aluminium bath, leaving a cleaned and refined metal,” he says.

In foundries, the rotary injection of salts is particularly popular. Its low melting point makes Fusal ideally suited for injection, reducing instances of clogging that is more common for powdered fluxes with higher melting points.

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