Pyrotek Receives Contractor Award from Constellium Muscle Shoals

Last month, Constellium Muscle Shoals' aluminium manufacturing operation in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA, presented Pyrotek with a "Contractor of the Year Award," following molten metal furnace refractory relining and maintenance work. Since 2015, Pyrotek's refractory services team has been providing refractory linings for furnaces, crucibles, and troughs for Constellium Muscle Shoals.

"We have experienced great collaboration with you and your efforts have helped use to be a better operation," says Eric Middendorf, senior commodity manager for Constellium Muscle Shoals. "There has been true transparency and good communication throughout the partnership, and we appreciate you."


On the right, Simon Taberham, Managing Director of the Pyrotek division TAB Refractory.

Simon Taberham, Managing Director of the Pyrotek division TAB Refractory, was presented with the award. Pyrotek was chosen because it provides innovative and effective solutions and introduces best practices from within the industry. Pyrotek's efforts have resulted in more production and less downtime.

Taberham's team has relined 18 furnaces at the facility since 2015. Project management was provided by Louis and Paul Taberham and design engineering by Tom Crowther. The relines by Pyrotek have proven to have service lifetimes of 200-300% compared with previous suppliers.

"The customer says we have revolutionized the way they look at their furnace relines and maintenance," Simon Taberham says.

The business Pyrotek won at this facility was taken from a long-standing local contractor that had undertaken the work for the past 20 years and had a base of operations less than a mile from the Constellium plant.

Pyrotek has purchased a 25,000-square-foot facility that is a half mile from Constellium's main gate. The Pyrotek facility is equipped with overhead cranes, bakeout oven, and offices, making it fully capable of undertaking crucible repairs, relines, and manufacturing emergency pre-cast shapes.

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