Pyrotek Introduces Low-flow Control Metal Delivery Overflow Transfer Pump

Dual-chamber overflow transfer system rendering

Dual-chamber overflow transfer system

Pyrotek recently developed a dual-chamber overflow transfer system (DC OTS) that can deliver consistent, smooth low flows of molten aluminium from a furnace to downstream processes.

“This is a pump that can transfer metal gently, smoothly, at very low flows, which is unique to mechanical pumps,” says Rob Grodeck, a mechanical designer for Pyrotek.

It has flow capabilities of 4–450 kilograms per minute, and replaces standard transfer pumps, tapping ports, and tilting furnaces. Its efficient and safe transfer reduces tap-out metal turbulence and minimizes oxide formation. It gently moves metal from the bottom of a transfer bowl to the top.

“You get the same quality pour each time,” Grodeck says. “Manually, an operator could pour fast or slow, but with this system the flow will be the same amount.”

The DC OTS, which has an electric motor, is easy to install. There are multiple bowl lengths available. Pyrotek engineers will set up automated controls for flow and metal level, using technologies such as lasers and floats. There are a variety of low-flow aluminium applications, including ingot casting of sow moulds. It can also be used in foundries that make larger castings.

“Every application is going to have to be considered individually to see how we tie into the existing furnace, and other engineering details like that,” says David Schlicht, a business manager for Pyrotek.

Plants already using the technology have seen the added safety this new technology provides. For example, it removes the need to have plant workers pulling a tap plug to start the flow down the trough system. Along with safety, the DC OTS reduces labour costs, with the pump handling more functions automatically compared with other mechanical pumps, he says.

Dual-chamber OTS in operation

Dual-chamber OTS in operation

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