Pyrotek Graphite Shafts and Rotors Add Value

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Standard vs Starburst® rotors

Aluminium degassing systems require durable consumables to help prevent downtime and add value in metal treatment processes in foundries. Pyrotek manufactures and supplies a variety of components for degassing systems, including shafts and rotors.

Pyrotek graphite products for metal degassing are made from ZX-grade graphite, made using an in-house developed process for graphite that gives it twice the oxidation resistance of standard graphite. During the aluminium purifying process, graphite parts from many other suppliers can oxidize too fast and wear out. This leads to frequent replacement of parts, which also means more production downtime and increased labor costs.

Pyrotek shafts and rotors are available in several sizes, shapes, and designs. Pyrotek graphite shafts can be paired with many different rotor types and products. All of these products help improve hydrogen removal and result in minimized turbulence and oxide generation.

Pyrotek’s graphite degassing products not only include shafts and rotors, but also include gaskets, shaft seals, splash guards, and more. For example, Pyrotek shaft seals are thin, round products made of either graphoil or ceramic fiber paper (coated with graphite) and used as sealants between shafts and degassing units.

“We nearly have an engineer in every customer location around the world providing experienced on-site service,” Pyrotek Product Manager Mahmud Elkhoja says. “Along with that expertise, we offer a wide enough range of products and materials to enable us to deliver complete solutions for optimum customer performance and efficiency.”

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