Pyrotek Delivers Experienced Furnace Cleaning Services

Regularly cleaning furnaces can significantly contribute to better metal quality.


Pyrotek, with decades of experience in the aluminum industry, safely cleans furnaces and associated launders, removing dross, corundum, and oxides by utilizing specialized tools, fluxes, and inert gas when necessary.

"We have found that there are Pyrotek customers having a hard time finding workers to perform this important work," says Dave Schlicht, a business manager for Pyrotek. "Pyrotek has an experienced team that knows their way around molten aluminum and these important pieces of capital equipment."

"We partner directly with Pyrotek to keep our furnaces clean," says Trevor Schwartz, Support Services Manager at Mercury Marine's large die casting facility in Wisconsin.

"Pyrotek’s service is critical to helping Mercury Marine maintain high-quality metal and efficient and productive operations," Schwartz says. "All this allows us to deliver the highest quality product to our boating customers."


Pyrotek furnace cleaning crew members at a customer plant.

Pyrotek provides this furnace cleaning service to foundries and aluminum operations throughout North America, Schlicht says.

"Typically, these customers have multiple furnaces, and they lack the workforce resources to regularly keep their furnaces clean," he says. "This unfortunately leads to decreased furnace lining life, reduced furnace efficiency, and poor metal quality."

Pyrotek cleans all types of gas or electric melting and holding furnaces, launders, and degassing boxes. Any foundry or aluminum operation looking to schedule a cleaning can contact a local Pyrotek sales engineer or contact Dave Schlicht at


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