Pump Service Life Record at Profilglass

Massimiliano Doria and Sahbi Zeramdini at Profilglass.

Massimiliano Doria and Sahbi Zeramdini at Profilglass.

Profilglass S.p.A, an Italian aluminium market leader founded in 1982, has achieved record service life using Pyrotek's circulation pumps for its melting furnace. The company produces profiles, tubes, and flat-rolled products for construction, vehicle manufacturing, electronics, and other sectors. It has a long-term partnership with Pyrotek who provides core aluminium products.

In early 2012, Pyrotek installed a J-50 SD 6-inch LTS circulation pump with a 40-inch LOTUSS scrap submergence system. This Pyrotek technology was paired with a Fergal S.r.l. twin-chamber, 80-tonne capacity tilting furnace.

"From the beginning, we achieved successful results with perfect temperature homogenization and an improvement of their melting rate and recovery," says Pyrotek sales engineer Massimiliano Doria. "Profilglass is always committed to excellence, and everyday their people do their best to get the most from our products."

Performance Summary

  • A J-50 pump has 3 posts and 1 base
  • The parts operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
  • Three years of service equals 1095 days or 26,280 hours
  • The J-50 pump circulates 12 tonnes of metal per minute
  • 18 million tonnes pumped in 3 years

"Eighteen million tonnes of molten aluminium pumped from the same pump is a stunning number, which was reached because of a strong partnership and close cooperation," Doria says.

Some of the keys to reaching the record included pump-well cleaning, optimizing the revolutions per minute, using proven charging procedures, perfecting pump rebuild procedures, and working with Pyrotek's melt, circulation, and recovery team.

"As usual, behind the stunning results, there is a special person," Doria says.

Sahbi Zeramdini, who is responsible for the Profilglass melting furnace and pump maintenance, provided consistent and thorough maintenance. He was able to achieve 3-year pump service lifetimes twice, utilizing just two pumps on the melting furnace from 2012 to 2018.

"I personally installed and followed the installations and I was amazed at Sahbi's help and skills," Doria says.

Profilglass opted for a second installation as the initial pump continued to perform at a high level. The two pumps are identical, and the second is being managed by Raffaele Curzi of Profilglass.

"He is taking perfect care of the pump and they're again achieving high performance," Doria says.

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