New Technology from Pyrotek to Display at EUROGUSS 2024 – MCS-V Furnace

MCS V Euroguss 2

Metal Casting System - Vacuum

A technology that many aluminium high-pressure and low-pressure die casters have been calling for will be featured at EUROGUSS 2024 – a new Pyrotek innovation that advances performance and sustainability.


Pyrotek will be displaying its Metal Casting System – Vacuum (MCS-V), which will improve die casting processes for years to come. It will help die casters achieve higher product quality while simultaneously reducing carbon dioxide emissions that impact the environment. Pyrotek, known for environmentally sustainable innovations in the aluminium foundry industry, will have one of the new MCS-V furnaces on display at its booth at the show.

MCS V Euroguss 1


The MCS-V can produce operational energy savings of up to 50 percent, while also reducing expensive compressed air needs by up to 95 percent for low-pressure die casters. The technology allows furnace filling and cleaning at any time, without interrupting casting processes.

"Die casters are going to see increases in productivity, improvements in metal quality that cut metal losses, and drops in scrap rates," says Saul Gracia Villacampa, Pyrotek Foundry Manager for Western Europe. "Users importantly will also see reduced cleaning and maintenance requirements."

A specific additional benefit for high-pressure die casters will dosing accuracy within plus or minus 1.5 percent, or better.

Learn more by visiting Pyrotek at EUROGUSS, 16-18 January, in Nuremberg.
For more information and to schedule a meeting with product technology engineering experts, contact Saul Gracia Villacampa at

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