Find Pyrotek at Major South American Foundry Show


Pyrotek Rigid Glasweve® filters for low-pressure casting applications and sand and permanent mould casting applications. Underheated furnace.

FENAF 2019 – the Latin American Foundry Fair in São Paulo, Brazil, starts 17 September, and Pyrotek will be there exhibiting with approximately 200 booth visitors expected. Foundry representatives are expected from throughout Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Perú, and Chile.

“The aim is to talk with foundry managers and process engineers about our furnace relining services, underheated furnace projects and the gains Rigid Glasweve filters will render to their processes,” says Alvaro Aranguibel, New Product Introduction Manager in South America for Pyrotek.

Pyrotek product experts will also be discussing thermocouple protection tube assemblies and associated recovery services, and the high performance and service life of Pyrotek’s consumable products, Aranguibel says.

Featured Pyrotek products at the show:

• Graphite shafts and rotors for degassing
Overflow Transfer System (OTS) pumps
• Coatings
Reinforced Fibreglass Material (RFM®) ladles and troughs
• Riser tubes
• Underheated Furnaces
Rigid Glasweve® filters

Find us at Stand A14-A16-A18 at the PRO MAGNO Centro de Eventos in São Paulo. We will be exhibiting 17-20 September.

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