Demand Grows for Pyrotek’s Advanced Filtering Technology


Customer savings are reaching tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars every six months.

So far in 2020, Pyrotek has added a half-dozen new foundry customers to its growing global list of users relying on its patented Rigid Glasweve® filter technology for low-pressure casting. These customers, who include wheel and knuckle casters, have joined a dozen others from last year, all of whom have been drawn to the new product's ability to save them money.

Much of these customer savings come from reduced scrap, with some customers seeing reduction rates reaching 2 percent compared with their use of wire mesh filters. Other savings come from in-house remelting of sprue returns, increased productivity because of greater casting process stability, and longer sprue bushing service life. Overall, the savings are reaching tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars every six months.

Rigid Glasweve filter technology for low-pressure casting replaces traditional wire mesh and tin plate steel filters, and provides additional benefits. Rigid Glasweve allows foundries to re-melt their sprue returns in-house without iron contamination or off-gassing. In some cases, they also increase the service life of the sprue bushing, resulting in reduced casting downtime and increased productivity.

IMG 3706

Sprue returns for internal re-melt.

Some specific examples of savings:

  • A low-pressure casting foundry in the USA that produces steering knuckles for major auto manufacturers was able to save more than USD$1 million a year in scrap costs by using Rigid Glasweve filters.
  • In Europe, Pyrotek helped a global wheel caster find they can save more than USD$500,000 annually by using Rigid Glasweve filters, in cost savings achieved by re-melting their sprue returns internally and productivity increase with top bushing life more than doubled.
  • With multiple major wheel casters globally, Rigid Glasweve has proven to reduce overall scrap rates by 1-2 percent, which means significant dollar savings because of the high volumes produced annually.

Low-pressure casters around the world, including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and across the EU—including Germany, France, Poland, and the Czech Republic—have already adopted the technology.

Additionally, customers are seeing improved casting quality through use of the filters.

“Consistent filter quality and fit are critical to our customers’ casting quality,” says Spencer Bishop, Pyrotek Global Product Manager. “Our precise manufacturing techniques ensure their high standards are met.”

Pyrotek uses some of the latest in robotics technology for manufacturing to deliver consistent, precise results to its customers.

Finally, transitioning to the filters has been easy, and doesn’t require process adjustments or equipment modifications.

For more information and to start a trial, contact Pyrotek Global Product Manager Spencer Bishop at

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