Ceramite Launders – For Maximized Strength, Service Life, and Performance

Ceramite LaunderAluminium industry plants around the world have found they can improve their operational efficiency and increase profitability by using launders made with Pyrotek’s advanced strength Ceramite material, which is manufactured in a variety of blends for every specific application.

“Longer service lifetime from your launder means more continuous hours of production,” says Jonathan Levac, a Product Manager for Pyrotek. “The pre-cast shapes used for Ceramite launders ensure there is less downtime compared with cast-in-place launders.”

Pyrotek application engineers evaluate the specific needs of each customer’s processes and make recommendations for a specific Ceramite blend. Each blend is engineered for different applications, but all Ceramite launders are cast with high surface quality to limit sticking of metal and minimize erosion.

Pyrotek solutions include, among others, Ceramite CSA (silicon-carbon based), which offers robust, high-wear resistance and thermal conductivity. It works well for tap-out blocks, high-erosion launder sections, and degassing launders prior to filtration.

“Ceramite CSA is often used in the first couple segments of transfer launder systems, where heavy wear from aluminium contact occurs,” Levac says.

Another top performer for Pyrotek customers is Ceramite SFR/SFW (fused-silica based). It’s often used when higher insulating properties are needed. It should be considered for casting launders and degassing launders that follow filtration.

For high-magnesium alloys, Ceramite SFR-SB and SFR-B should be considered. For high-silicon alloys, Ceramite SFW is often the appropriate blend.

Pyrotek has multiple other blends, too. To find the right one, contact Jonathan Levac at jonlev@pyrotek.com or Uli Auer at uliaue@pyrotek.com.

Note: all blends can be coated to further protect against aluminium erosion and ensure smoother flows and less sticking. 


Ceramite launder after four months of use


Ceramite launder after eleven months of use


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