Save energy, reduce scrap and improve quality with foundry solutions from Pyrotek.

Crucible and Ladle Systems

  • Transfer Ladles


  • Fluxes

Hand Tools

  • Sampling Spoons
  • Skimmers

Heating Systems

  • Immersion Heating Systems

High Temperature Covers

  • Transfer Ladle Lids
  • Trough Covers

High Temperature Gaskets and Seals

  • Dosing Furnace Seals
  • Dosing Tube Gaskets
  • Rope Seals

Instrumentation and Control

Metal Furnaces

  • Holding Furnaces

Metal Pump Systems

  • Electromagnetic Pump (EMP) Systems
  • Mechanical Pump Systems
  • Transfer Pump Piping

Metal Recovery Systems

  • Integrated Melting Systems
  • Jet Bed Dryers
  • LOTUSS Systems

Metal Stirring Systems

  • Electromagnetic Stirrer (EMS) Systems

Metal Treatment Systems

  • Degassing Diffusers
  • Degassing Systems
  • Flux Injection Systems
  • Graphite Degassing Shafts and Rotors

Molten Aluminium Filter Systems

  • Vertical Gate Filter Systems

Molten Aluminium Filters

  • Bonded Particle Filters
  • Pyropore Ceramic Foam Filters
  • Sprue Filters

Personal Protective Equipment


  • Bagged Refractories
  • Furnace Refractory

Refractory Shapes

  • AutoPour Ladles
  • Dosing Tubes
  • Floor Tiles
  • Stalk Tubes
  • Trough Refractory

Thermal Insulation

  • Backup Insulation

Trough Systems

  • Troughs


  • Aluminium Release Agents
  • Ceramic Paper and Fabric (Wool)
  • Graphite Fluxing Tubes
  • Thermal Insulation