Transfer Crucible and Ladle Lids


Transport crucibles can be made with or without lids. Lidded transport crucibles are typically preferred to unlidded transport crucibles due to the additional safety and efficiency gained through the use of a lid. Lids can prevent minor molten aluminium splashes from exiting the crucible during the fork lift transport process. In addition, transport crucibles with open tops lose temperature quickly due to radiation at the top surface. Lids minimize losses by capturing the radiation, retaining the heat in the transport crucible.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek offers a range of custom transfer crucible lids depending on application and needs. Pyrotek's transfer crucible lids can be customized for:

  • Transfer ladle style (teapot spout, lip spout, etc.)
  • Lifting mechanism (manual lever, hydraulic, more)
  • Insulation needs


Transfer Crucible and Ladle Lids
  • Reduce heat loss of the metal in the ladle
  • Contain minor splashes of molten aluminium from escaping the ladle
  • Crucible and Ladle Linings
  • Crucible Lid Seals
  • Lid Gaskets