Graphite Degassing Shafts and Rotors


Pyrotek's graphite shafts and rotors are used in a range of degassing and fluxing operations. They allow for a more efficient kinetic mixing of the metal and helps decrease hydrogen and impurity levels in molten aluminium systems. This process significantly improves the quality of cast aluminium.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek offers specially designed graphite shafts and rotors for STAR batch degassing systems and shafts and offers rotors and stators for SNIF® in-line degassing systems. Pyrotek has a variety of rotors for different operating conditions and simultaneous injection of flux with process gasses. Pyrotek can also supply replacement graphite components for non-Pyrotek equipment such as STAS degassing systems.

Pyrotek offers three different grades of graphite for these components. Selection ranges from untreated graphite to premium oxidation-resistant graphite.

Graphite Degassing Shafts and Rotors
  • Effectively remove hydrogen
  • Reduce casting porosity
  • Increase graphite life
  • Reduce graphite oxidation
  • Distribute gas at lower flow rates and rotation speeds
  • SNIF Rotors/Nozzles
  • SNIF Stators
  • STARburst Rotor
  • STAR Rotor
  • Degassing Shafts
  • Flux Injection and Degassing Shafts