About Pyrotek

We are a diverse, global team of highly trained engineers and technical manufacturing experts serving in the best interests of our many industry partners. Our mission has always been to do the right thing every time for our customers and remain their long-term trusted partner.

It all starts by making it a priority to have our people working and serving in our customers’ plants. We believe a customer is best served when you know them well—face-to-face in meetings, shoulder-to-shoulder on the plant floor.

Trusted partners go beyond making the right equipment and parts, or engineering a perfect working solution. Serving you best means we’re there long after a deal is made to ensure maximum product life and performance.

Pyrotek helps its customers and partners around the world win against their strongest competitors With Efficiency of Technology. That means you are more competitive and productive long term with the best solutions for every problem. And it means you get the latest engineered technology from a company that has always been at the forefront of innovation.

Today, we’re more than 3,000 people strong, with more than 80 locations in more than 35 countries. Manufacturing plants, research & development centers, local service and engineering teams.

We’ve grown a lot over the years, but our mission of always doing the right thing is the same one we started with in 1956. Our work has always been inspired by the customers we know well. Honest and genuine in our relationships. Curious, innovative and sound in our approach.

Our Vision

Lead the industries we serve in customer satisfaction. Meet the greatest challenges with innovative technology. Operate with the highest ethical and sustainability standards.

Pyrotek Vision Growth Research and Development and Coaching Culture

Growth Mindset

  • Long-term strategic approach: customer always first
  • Invest more time with customers, in-person and in-plant
  • Uphold leadership in every industry we serve


  • Lead our industries in R&D investment
  • Efficiency and sustainability gains are continuous
  • Customers trust our experience and technology

Coaching Culture

  • Tolerance, acceptance, and civility are the only accepted way
  • Every employee is encouraged to speak up
  • We celebrate progress and learning equally

Pyrotek Industries Served Automotive Aerospace Construction Manufacturing Oil and Gas