Graphite Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries Featured


Graphite Anode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries

Pyrotek’s high-performing, low-cost synthetic graphite material for lithium-ion batteries provides high cell capacity and extended service life

We have been supplying graphite to the lithium-ion battery industry for over 25 years and are currently undergoing full-cell qualification testing with leading xEV manufacturers.

Pyrotek Battery-Grade Graphite
Property Synthetic Natural*
Tap Density (g/cm3) 0.87 0.95 1.06
Surface Area (m2/g) ≤ 3.7 ≤ 2.0 ≤ 3.9
Reversible Capacity (mAh/g) 350 350 365
First Cycle Efficiency (%) 93 93 94
Average Particle Size (d50, µm) 6.9 19.3 20.4
Life Expectancy High High Medium
*Representative of natural graphite mine partner battery-grade materials


Pyrotek graphite anode material has shown longer life compared to existing options using high-precision coulometry.

Pyrotek High Precision
Coulometry Results

Pyrotek HPC Results line graph


  • C/20 cycling at 40°C (100°F)
  • Reference artificial graphite
    • From a well-known, very high-quality graphite source
    • CE = 99.89%
  • Pyrotek cells show higher efficiency than known high-efficiency graphites
    • Higher efficiency = longer life expectancy
    • CE = 99.93%

The Pyrotek Process

Pyrotek relies entirely on low-cost hydroelectric power with almost no emissions to produce its graphite anode material.

Our industry-leading thermal process is consistent throughout, and every graphite particle is exposed to the same conditions. We can maintain a thermal profile within 50°C (120°F) of the set point compared to other technologies that are within 200°C (390°F) of the set point.

The Pyrotek Process Diagram

Pyrotek Battery Material Development Process

Pyrotek Battery Materials Development Process Diagram

Experimental anode materials are graphitized and produced in-house, considering variables such as temperature, blends, additives and modifiers, coatings, and morphology. Capabilities include:

  • Thermal purification, high-temperature graphitization, and spheronization
  • Full pouch and cylindrical cell assembly lines
  • LOI, BET, PSD, XRD, SEM, rheology, Raman spectroscopy, cycle, and HPC testing

Why Pyrotek?

Pyrotek’s graphite manufacturing facility near Niagara Falls, New York, uses clean and inexpensive hydroelectric power. With over 80 locations, our global footprint has the flexibility to make products easily available throughout the world.

Manufacturing in Sanborn, New York, USA

Pyrotek locations Map illustrating our Sanborn, New York location


  • 60 years of high-temperature material development
  • 25 years of lithium-ion battery-grade graphite production
  • Proprietary furnaces designed and built to ensure consistent processing

Over 25 Years of Battery-Grade Graphite Experience

Pyrotek worked with Moli Energy to graphitize MCMB and other carbon materials



Collaboration with ConocoPhillips on CPreme begins

US Department of Energy Award enables expansion to 4000 MT production per year



Pyrotek acquires all anode intellectual property from ConocoPhillips

Development of new class of high-performance, low-cost anode materials



In-house Development

Pyrotek’s prototype laboratory enables development of anode material—from concept to testing—with a full iteration time of about a month.

  • 18650 cylindrical cell fabrication
  • Variety of mixing capabilities, from planetary mixers to microfluidizers
  • Slot-die film coater
  • High-precision coulometry

Spokane Research and Development Centre

Pyrotek experts work with battery producers to determine the best graphite anode material to suit their needs. Samples are available.