Allan Roy

Chairman / CEO

Allan Roy serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Pyrotek Inc. With more than forty years of experience in the molten metals and glass industry, he is known internationally for his vision in defining Pyrotek's position as a global leader in aluminium refining technology. Through the years, Allan has leveraged his extensive industry expertise, with an eye for targeting acquisitions of businesses to enhance Pyrotek's value to its customers.

  • 47+ years of aluminium industry experience
  • With Pyrotek since 1968
  • Chief Metallurgist, Kaiser Aluminum
  • Education: Syracuse University M.S.

Don Ting

President / COO

  • With Pyrotek since 1996
  • GE, BCG, Goldman Sachs Alumnus
  • Education: Harvard MBA, Oxford MSC, Stanford B.A.

Paul Rieckers

Chief Financial Officer

  • With Pyrotek since 2005
  • CPA
  • BDO Seidman Partner
  • Education: University of Nevada B.S.

Gordon Albers

GM Europe

  • With Pyrotek since 1995
  • Almet Pechiney / Alusuisse Singen
  • Education: Alumnus Master of Technical Management CCI

Harvey Chalker

GM Oceania

  • With Pyrotek since 2001
  • BHP, Tomago, Camalco Alumnus
  • Education: University of Newcastle B.E.

Nigel Clear

GM Turkey, Africa, Middle East, India

  • With Pyrotek since 1989
  • Foseco Alumnus
  • Education: BSc Metallurgy and Ceramics, University of Sheffield

Scott Denning

GM USA, Mexico, South America

  • With Pyrotek since 1992
  • Minnick Services Corp. Alumnus
  • Education: Michigan State University B.A.

Bruce Gallaher

GM Energy Group

  • With Pyrotek since 2012
  • Nissan, BCG, General Dynamics Alumnus
  • Education: Stanford MBA, University of Washington B.S.

Jeff Gibson

GM Global R&D, Product Management and Manufacturing

  • With Pyrotek since 2005
  • Spectra-Physics and HP Alumnus
  • Education: Cal Poly B.S.

Alex Louie

GM Asia

  • With Pyrotek since 2000
  • BCG, NASA, Hopewell Alumnus
  • Education: Stanford MBA/MS, UC Davis B.S.

Joe Tarulli

GM Sales Development, Global Glass and Canada

  • With Pyrotek since 1998
  • Flextrol Corp. Alumnus
  • Education: Winthrop University B.S.