Corporate Citizenship

Dual-chamber Underheated Furnace

Pyrotek's dual-chamber underheated low-pressure furnaces are designed to reduce the energy consumed by aluminium foundries.

Pyrotek is dedicated to the health and safety of all of its employees, as well as workers around the world on the job everyday in high-temperature industrial conditions. We take seriously our role as a corporate citizen, and encourage the public service of our employees in their many communities. We treat the environment as a valued legacy for subsequent generations. Our belief in sustainability, safety, and public service is seen in the products we create and engineering services we provide around the world.

Environment and Sustainability

  • Products and services that reduce energy consumption, including underheated furnaces, efficient pumps, a variety of refractory materials optimized for efficiency in specific applications, insulation, consumables and more
  • Zinc and lead recovery systems that reclaim viable metal from process dross, resulting in less waste and reducing the need for transportation. These systems used by zinc producers, galvanizers, and lead-acid battery makers help them recover up to 90 percent of metal in wasted dross. That not only lowers their costs and promotes recycling, but it reduces the amount of waste that must be transported. We have sold more than 300 worldwide.
  • Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, and our LOTUSS scrap submergence system helps turn it into usable metal for casting. Recycling aluminium scrap uses 95 percent less energy than making virgin aluminium
  • The fact that we help make aluminium globally means we are helping cars, planes, and trains become more energy efficient by making them lighter and stronger    
  • Reuse and recycling—in Pyrotek facilities, manufacturing centers, and for events and tradeshow materials
  • See our Sustainability Policy

"Pyrotek tries to do its part in helping the global environment through our products, our services, and our manufacturing philosophy. We think it's part of being a good global and corporate citizen." - Pyrotek President Don Ting

Health and Safety

  • Pyrotek equips its teams with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, training, and provides quality and safety assessments
  • Pyrotek produces equipment and clothing that enhance operator safety


  • Engaged in community development, including supporting safety awareness and employee participation in volunteer initiatives
  • Reinforcing a culture of tolerance, acceptance and civility within our workforce