Corporate Citizenship

Pyrotek engages in and supports the efforts of its customers within metals, glass and other industries to benefit their workers, operations and the environment.  Pyrotek also fosters corporate social responsibility and sustainability within its own facilities and teams worldwide.

Environment and Sustainability

  • Products and services that reduce energy consumption, including underheated furnaces, efficient pumps, variety of refractory materials optimized for efficiency in specific applications, insulation, consumables and more
  • Zinc and lead recovery systems that reclaim viable metal from process dross, resulting in less waste and reducing the need for transportation
  • Reuse and recycling - in Pyrotek facilities, manufacturing centers, and for events and tradeshow materials
  • See our Sustainability Policy

Health and Safety

  • Equips Pyrotek teams with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, training and quality/safety assessments
  • Pyrotek products including equipment and clothing to enhance operator safety


  • Engaged in community development, including supporting safety awareness and employee participation in volunteer initiatives
  • Reinforcing a culture of tolerance, acceptance and civility within our workforce