Early Days

Dale Swanson founded Pyrotek in 1956 in Spokane, Washington, USA on an idea. Dale’s concept was to use fibreglass fabric technology to create a filter designed to capture impurities in molten aluminium. 

In June 1968, Dale partnered with Allan Roy when Allan joined Fibrous Glass Products, a small manufacturing company making cloth filters to clean molten aluminium. In 1976, the company changed its name to Pyrotek and Allan’s responsibilities evolved from Vice President, Technical to encompass management and administration. In 1995, Allan was named President, then CEO in 1998. In 2003, Allan became the sole owner of Pyrotek Inc.


From humble beginnings, Pyrotek now has offices in 35 countries with over 2,700 employees. Pyrotek operates globally wherever aluminium is produced and processed and is now a world leader serving the aluminium industry with equipment, products and services. The original filtration system on which Pyrotek was founded is now a global standard. Pyrotek also produces solutions for glass, steel, zinc, advanced materials, and acoustic and thermal insulation.