The Pyrotek Flat Flame Burner – Precise, Efficient, Uniform Priming of CFFs and Filter Boxes

Filter Box Flat Flame Burner

Pyrotek Flat Flame Burner

The Pyrotek Flat Flame Burner modernizes an existing and critical technology used in the aluminium industry that plants rely on to preheat ceramic foam filters (CFF) and filter boxes safely and quickly, maximizing user output and protecting refractory life and improving performance.

“The Flat Flame Burner is a lightweight burner that achieves the wide distribution of hot air that is critical for a fast, homogenous heating pattern,” says Aleš Bláha, Project Manager at Pyrotek’s Blansko Engineering Center. “Along with the exceptional heating performance, testing has proven the burner is capable of preheating the largest, most-dense CFFs, even in a dual-staged design where one filter is above another.”

Flat Flame Burner - Dual Design

The swirling flame doesn’t touch the refractory lining, which helps maximize refractory life. The burner mounts to a filter box lid, and, importantly, an existing filter box can be retrofitted with one. The burner technology is controlled by a sophisticated combustion monitoring system.

Because safety is always the primary concern, Pyrotek made sure the burner meets all required safety standards.

Technical Data

  • Burner Power Rate Range – 30-80 kilowatts
  • Fuel – Natural Gas or Propane, Compressed Air (or Blower)
  • Suitable CFF sizes – 17 inches to 26 inches
  • Power Control – Two Stage / Lever Power Regulation – Low Fire and High Fire
  • Temperature Output – 600-900º Celsius (1112º-1652º Fahrenheit)
  • Preheating Time – 20-45 minutes (Depending on CFF Size, Grade, and Number)
Pyrotek Filter Box System

Pyrotek Filter Box System


“The Pyrotek Flat Flame Burners have also proven to be successful in preheating complex filter-box chambers,” Bláha says. “They’re robust, compact, and a simple tool that works fast and reliably, and we’ve seen that repeatedly in the field.”

The Flat Flame Burner has been used with success in more than 15 filter box units in the past three years, following development by Pyrotek’s Research and Development Center in Milton Keynes, U.K., and the Pyrotek Engineering Centre in Blansko, Czech Republic.

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