Pyrotek Shares New Casthouse Innovations at NorCast Conference

ARENDAL, Norway – More than 120 aluminium casthouse leaders at NorCast 2023 in Arendal learned Tuesday, June 6, about Pyrotek’s two new critical casthouse innovations, the Ring-Fit and Fracture-Guard Transition Plates.


Ring-Fit Transition Plates

The aluminium industry conference is invitation only, and attendees travel from approximately 20 countries. Pyrotek was one of the honored presenters at the conference. Companies like Hydro, Alcoa, Mercedes-Benz were among some of the others.

"The audience is made up of key stakeholders, mainly from casthouses, both re-melters and primary aluminium, as well as casthouse support engineers," says Rune Heggland, Pyrotek's Sales Manager for the Nordic Region.

Global Product Manager Mahmud El Khoja, Pyrotek USA, delivers his remarks at NorCast 2023.

Pyrotek's presentation, titled, "High-End Casting Machines – Development & Delivery of New Transition Plate Technologies: material development addressing specific properties needed for modern casting equipment," was delivered by both Senior R&D Engineer Emma Cedillo-Saucedo, Pyrotek UK, and Global Product Manager Mahmud El Khoja, Pyrotek USA.

Ring-Fit T-Plates address a chronic issue in the industry with calcium silicate transition plates. Fracture-Guard T-Plates solve the problem of catastrophic failures in transition plates in Hycast® Gas Cushion (GC) billet casting machines.

"Ring-Fit transition plates offer an innovative solution specifically designed for the calcium silicate board utilized in direct chill billet casting machines," El Khoja says. "They greatly reduce the premature failures this type of product has seen in the industry for decades."

Senior R&D Engineer Emma Cedillo-Saucedo, Pyrotek UK, discusses the innovation of Pyrotek's Fracture-Guard Transition Plates.

This new Pyrotek product is patent pending in several countries and regions. Ring-Fit has performed well already in the field with tens of thousands of successful casts. Ring-Fit surpassed the service life of similar industry offerings by more than 100 percent. Larger diameter versions, which typically last fewer casts, have shown significant improvement because of the Ring-Fit design.

Ring-Fit is available for sale in Europe, the USA, Canada, and the Middle East.

Fracture-Guard Transition Plates almost entirely eliminate the catastrophic failure mode of transition plates in Gas Cushion (GC) billet casting machines. By nearly eliminating this high-risk failure mode, Pyrotek achieves a significant accomplishment, as the potential consequences associated with such failures can be extremely severe.

Fracture-Guard Transition Plates

"The fabric reinforcement of Fracture-Guard Transition Plates has a dual role," says Cedillo-Saucedo. "It has been strategically positioned within the transition plate body to provide additional mechanical toughness while acting as a safety net preventing crack propagation."

Ring-Fit datasheet

Fracture-Guard datasheet

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