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Massimiliano Doria

Regional Melt Circulation and Recovery (MCR) Sales Manager

What territory do you cover?
Italy, Greece, Balkans, Turkey, Central and South Africa

Educational Background
I have a master’s degree in aerospace engineering at the Politecnico of Milano

How many years have you worked in the non-ferrous metals industry?
I started with Pyrotek right after graduating university and have been with the company for 12 years. I have followed many installations all over the world in many different aluminium and zinc industries. These experiences have given me a full 360-degree view of the market and a great understanding of customers’ main needs.

What is a common question your customers ask?
Usually the main questions customers ask is how to increase their recovery rate from remelting scrap, how to reduce dross, and getting improving metal quality. Customers are willing to enhance many aspects of their process and our MCR division has different solutions to match customer expectations.

What process benefits do Pyrotek pumps offer aluminium and zinc customers?
Pyrotek pumps are reliable and give a long-lasting performance that reduces maintenance shut-down time. Our circulation pumps are able to improve furnace melting rate and save energy. I always tell customers that our pumps are like the spoon in their coffee cup. If you put sugar into the coffee it will melt, but if you stir it with the spoon, it will melt faster and better.

How has the industry changed?
The industry is always aiming to reduce costs and recycle more efficiently. The margin between scraps and secondary metal prices is getting thinner every day, so our customers always need better performance to reduce waste, improve quality, and optimize their production. Pyrotek helps them by offering engineered solutions and products that can result in strategic benefits and make the difference.

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