Pyrotek Contributing to Large Rail Car Project in Indonesia

Light Rail Transit

Light Rail Transit interior

Pyrotek is supplying noise barrier and vibration control materials to a major government-owned company in Indonesia that is manufacturing railway rolling stock for a large public transportation project in the country.

The customer, PT Industri Kereta Api (INKA), based in Madiun, East Java, Indonesia, is a new customer that made its first purchase order with Pyrotek late last year. Pyrotek collaborated with INKA's engineering team to design train flooring for the Light Rail Transit (LRT) project.

The LRT carriages INKA is making will be operated in Jakarta, Indonesia, and surrounding areas. The total number of carriages to be produced for this project is 186, and they must be delivered to the government by April.

"The railroad manufacturing industry is a new market for Pyrotek Indonesia," says Jakarta-based Pyrotek sales engineer Syarifudin Hariyadi. "By being able to sell products to them we can now reference that when selling products to other customers. They are the largest in the business and one of the big companies in Indonesia."

Among the products Pyrotek is selling for the project:

  • 168 sheets of Wavebar noise barrier 
  • 7200 kilograms (15,900 pounds) of Decidamp SP500

The products were supplied by Pyrotek's factory in Sydney, Australia. The total value of the order for the Wavebar, Decidamp and other products is USD$175,000. 

"Because this is the first time INKA has used Pyrotek products, we guided them and supervised the design and installation of our products," Hariyadi says.

The carriages will be made of aluminium, so a vibration damper is needed to reduce the movement of sound from the structures to the passenger rooms.

Decidamp will be sprayed under the carriage floors and on the inner walls of the rooms. Wavebar and a specialized noise barrier will be installed in the floors. Work began in November.

"So far, INKA has been quite satisfied with the quality of our products and the services and technical advice we have given them," Hariyadi says. "We hope that this collaboration will continue and be sustainable for their upcoming projects."

INKA already is in the process of ordering additional Decidamp SP500 for this project.

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