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There are many different consumable parts that aluminium casthouses around the world use in their metal treatment processes. now has a page devoted to in-line and in-furnace degassing consumables that can help plant operators explore in-depth what Pyrotek can provide to help facilities operate more efficiently as they purify their aluminium.

There is content there about each product—shafts, rotors, troughs and more—as well as some variations.

“We nearly have an engineer in every customer location around the world providing experienced on-site service,” Pyrotek Product Manager Mahmud Elkhoja says. “Along with that expertise, we offer a wide enough range of products and materials to enable us to deliver complete solutions for optimum customer performance and efficiency.”

During the aluminium purifying process, graphite parts from many other suppliers can oxidize too fast and wear out. This leads to frequent replacement of parts, which also means more production downtime and increased labor costs. Through testing, Pyrotek’s treated graphite parts have been proven to last longer.

“By having Pyrotek’s better consumable products, these customers don’t have to change parts as frequently,” Elkhoja says. “That saves them time and money.”


Pyrotek Graphite In-line Shaft

Similarly, Pyrotek’s refractory parts, such as baffles and launders, are made of Pyrotek’s long-lasting materials such as Ceramite®. Combined with Pyrotek coatings, these high-strength parts will stay in service even longer.

Visit the product page to find out much more about Pyrotek’s solutions:

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