Pyrotek’s Converted Equalizing Axial Cooled Hanger Boosts Pack-to-Melt Ratio

Equalizing Hanger

Converted Equalizing Axial Cooled Hanger

Pyrotek’s patented converted equalizing axial cooled hanger is being utilized by container glass plants around the world to reduce maintenance downtime and optimize pack-to-melt (PTM) production ratios.

William Meza, Pyrotek’s Glass Applications Engineer for Mexico, explains that with conventional hangers there isn’t full, even movement of all the cavities or moulds. The equalizing hangers, as the name suggests, evenly distribute the closing force among all the cavities. Additionally, the design of the equalizing hanger allows machine operators to change the mould hanger inserts without removing the full hanger assembly, thus greatly reducing labor and downtime.

“You can easily remove a couple of bolts, pull out the worn inserts and replace them without taking down the 100-kilogram (220-pound) hanger,” Meza says. “The process of changing inserts can be reduced from 40 minutes to 10 minutes. Saving thirty minutes of downtime represents a lot of money in bottle manufacturing.”

Pyrotek can also level the hanger in approximately 20 minutes compared to the typical 4 to 8 hours.

The hanger has a cooling plate that has been modified from standard plates in that it divides into four sections. The modification was made because only the front section of the cooling plate suffers wear and damage. This allows machine operators to simply replace the center cooling plates instead of the entire cooling plate. The ability to just replace the worn pieces and to make the changes to the cooling plates without taking out the full hanger reduces maintenance costs.

“Also, there is an added benefit in maintenance safety,” Meza says. “Reducing downtime, while at the same time reducing bottle defects, combine for a higher PTM ratio and an improved customer bottom line.”

The patented hanger technology has proven to plant managers that they can nearly eliminate seams on containers, says Doug Stanley, Pyrotek’s Global Manager for Container Technology.

“Plants adopting the use of these equalizing hangers have seen them provide a quick return on investment,” Stanley says. “We have recently seen a complete 10-section conversion where that investment was paid off in six months. As for that customer’s pack-to-melt numbers, they were putting up to 2 percent more bottles in the box after the conversion to Pyrotek’s equalizing hangers.”

Pyrotek also supplies the shafts, links, pins, and levers—all the components that make the movement of the hanger possible.

Glass container plants are constantly seeking ways to boost production and stay competitive in their industry by keeping their machines operating, generating less scrap from defects, and enhancing the quality of their finished products to meet the requirements of their final customers.

“Container glass plants want the right customer service experience,” Meza says. “Plant operators rely on quick answers and solutions to their questions. They need to count on a long-term supplier partner like Pyrotek, who understands their business and speaks their language and shares their passion for the products.”

Members of Pyrotek’s global glass team are engineers, former glass plant managers, industry researchers, equipment and process experts, and others who have worked for industry leading companies. Pyrotek’s global glass team has considerable knowledge around customer challenges and how Pyrotek’s resources can help.

“Pyrotek offers solutions to customer needs that have direct bottom-line impact versus just selling a product,” he says.

Pyrotek adjusts its approach and product solutions to the variety of different issues container glass operators face, as their challenges are influenced by a wide set of variables unique to each customer and the products they are producing.

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