PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Pyrotek’s Machined Graphite Parts for Float Glass

Graphite Parts for Float Glass

Pyrotek machined graphite parts for float glass.

Pyrotek is known internationally for its high-quality precision machined graphite parts for float glass operations. These graphite parts are relied upon to make the highest quality architectural and automotive glass products.


“Pyrotek understands the float glass manufacturing process and tin bath requirements because we’ve been in the glass industry for decades,” says Tim March, Pyrotek’s Global Flat Glass Sales Manager. “We work closely as trusted partners with hot-end managers, tin bath supervisors, production managers and others around the world in these great production facilities.”

Pyrotek manufactures precision machined graphite parts from various grades of graphite and can apply oxidation resistant coatings to the parts. Pyrotek often custom machines parts to customer drawings, tolerances and specifications.


Pyrotek graphite parts for float glass operations include, among others:

Lift-Out Roll Carbons Perimeter Carbons Carbon Flags Carbon Fences Top Roll Seal Carbons
Carbon Boats Camera Carbons Paddle Wheel Carbons Carbon Pushers Miscellaneous Customer Machined Parts






Graphite Parts for Float Glass 2The advantage of choosing Pyrotek for these critical parts is more than just excellent product quality, competitive pricing, and being able to place orders in a local currency around the world. Pyrotek also supports its customers with an international team of sales engineers dedicated to the glass industry and based in many regions around the world.

Pyrotek has more than 30 years of graphite machining experience, with four graphite machining operations across three continents staffed by highly skilled and experienced manufacturing teams. The machining technology Pyrotek uses makes it possible to manufacture large sizes and complex shapes.

Pyrotek is already registered as a vendor by many large float glass companies.

“We’re a supplier of many of the other products float glass manufacturers need, so it’s convenient to get more of what they need from a single source,” March says.

Pyrotek has always specialized in high-temperature materials and handling molten and hot glass without thermally or physically damaging it. We understand the glass manufacturing process and the associated challenges. Pyrotek’s international team of dedicated sales engineers and customer service representatives provide unparalleled support.

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