Improve Glass Tempering Furnace Efficiency with Pyrotek Roller-End Side-Seals

Pyrotek Side Seal

New Pyrotek side seals (lower area). Old side seals (upper area).

Stop losing heat and allowing profits to slip out of the side of your tempering furnace. Regain greater control of temperatures inside your furnace. Pyrotek’s roller-end, side-seal refractory shapes deliver both greater efficiency and control.

Automotive and architectural/residential glass makers can replace their worn out and failing furnace roller-end seals, also known as side-seals, with Pyrotek's advanced material shapes.

"Original equipment side-seals can be easily damaged during regular furnace use and maintenance,” says Doug Watson, Pyrotek’s Flat Glass Industry Product Manager. “Pyrotek side-seals are manufactured out of a more durable material, giving glass makers a reliable, longer-lasting seal.”

High-performing side-seals are critical to having an effective tempering or bending process. They ensure heat from inside the furnace doesn’t escape around the rollers that extend through the furnace walls.

“Glass heating costs are major expenses for our customers,” Watson says. “Our side-seals help furnace operators maintain consistent temperature control and more effectively heat the glass.”

Pyrotek Side Seal Shapes

Pyrotek has seal solutions for any seal shape.

“We are constantly innovating new shapes and better designs for our customers,” Watson says. “From design to installation, we collaborate with them in every step of the process to make sure they’re getting the best products for the application.”

Pyrotek has seal solutions for any seal shape. Pyrotek side-seals are primarily made from a dense calcium silicate refractory board material and can also be made from a ceramic fiber board depending on the shape and insulation required.

For more information, contact Doug Watson at, or by phone at +1-717-254-1329.

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